Japanese Dolls

Made by: Peter Williams
Size: 40mm x 100mm
Wood: macrocapa
Not for sale

My Granddaughter visited this weekend so we had a collaboration session and we made something quite different from anything I would normally do. At 21 Paige is established as an artist and her paintings have found homes in many parts of the world. Some of her work can be seen on her website http://www.paigeyleigh.com . She has always been interested in Japan and can even speak the language. She suggested that I should turn a couple of traditional Japanese wooden dolls. Half an hour on the Internet and we found the dolls she wanted to try, Kokeshi dolls. 
Kokeshi dolls originated from japan and are made from wood and paint. They have very basic shapes and colours but in recent times have become more of a Japanese pop culture symbol, using brighter colours and bigger hair. These two dolls hit somewhere in between with their colourful yukata (casual summer kimono) and traditional hair styling. The outfits each is wearing are most commonly worn to Natsu Matsuri (summer festivals) because of their thin fabric and pretty colours. Paige has named them Hina-chan (girl) and Kazumi-kun (boy) and envision them on their first date to a Natsu Matsuri together.

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