What's happening at the Woodies in Whangarei?

SPURTLES (Scottish spoons for stirring porridge)


By Alison O'Sullivan

PROJECT DEMONSTRATION: SPURTLE (Scottish spoon for stirring porridge)

Shane introduced the demo as a Two Tool Project, a skew chisel and a 16mm gouge.
Item to be turned, sides to be removed with bandsaw and then planed, no sanding, oil finish.

  • Suggested timbers for project  Kauri, Pine or Kaihekatia. ( As this is a kitchen utensil be careful to use food safe wood only)
  • Wood used in demo : Kauri 55mm sq X 500mm in length.
  • Drive centre/live centre load 3-4mm into end.

As diameter of piece is small 50mm sq., speed approx 2,200 rpm. (At lower speed the chisel will reject and bounce back)

  • Using 16mm chisel, begin at tail stock end, glide along length, creating 'hedge hog' effect.
  • Then remove excess to maximum diameter to form a cylinder.
  • Shape handle, knob shape, at tail stock end.
  • Shape top like baton.
  • Continue to refine shape to appear like mini baseball bat or small truncheon.
  • Use skew chisel to refine shape.
  • Adjust tool rest, top of rest to centre height.
  • Move tool rest along as you work on different areas.
  • To refine baton head use use roll over cut on lower corner of tool edge.
  • Support the wood with other hand while turning to prevent chatter. (Top of Spurtle can be shaped to match the curve of base of particular pot)
  • Use Skew Chisel to form top of Spurtle going down hill motion to make clear cut.
  • Forming handle and body of Spurtle use gliding, delicate cuts for best results, always supporting wood with left hand throughout.

Use of Skew ChiselThe upper and lower corner (point) and the LOWER THIRD of the edge of the tool ONLY, to be used.
Suggestion: Mark tool with permanent red marker as reminder of section to use.

  • Using bandsaw, remove opposite sides.
  • Plane to finish.
  • Use oil as finish.

Have fun making 50!